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We Pledge to Uphold the Following Sustainable Practices

Food is purchased locally and organic when possible.

Local growers and artisan partners are chosen for their high quality standards, environmental responsibility and locations—all within 150 miles of our restaurants.

Menus are developed according to the season, featuring local food.

Chicken is purchased free-range and antibiotic-free.

Tuna is purchased dolphin-free.

100% of Seafood is purchased according to the Monterey Bay Aquarium “Seafood Watch Guidelines”.

Hamburger is made with FRESH Ground, Grass-Fed or Niman Ranch beef.

Eggs are sourced Cage-Free.

Fruits and vegetables are purchased fresh, seasonal and whenever possible ORGANIC according to the Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen recommendations.

Stock are made from SCRATCH – never out of a can.

Milk is free of antibiotics and artificial growth hormone.

MSG is never used in our food preparation.

All dressings are prepared from SCRATCH.

Turkey and beef are roasted IN-HOUSE for deli meat selections.

Only rice bran and olive oil are used for cooking.

Mashed Potatoes are prepared from REAL potatoes.

Upon delivery, all FRESH products are checked for FRESHNESS, CERTIFIED ORGANIC, and WHOLESOMENESS.

Implementing GREEN PRACTICES…changing one environment at a time

Visiting Guest Chefs, left to right: Ryan Satchwell, Marcus Triggs, Reynaldo Hernandez SVP, Phil Wright VP Corporate Chef, Sarrah Ponce De Leon, Guillermo Ortega

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Neither a restaurant or bar, Izakaya is more than food and drink. In most neighborhoods in Japan, it is the community gathering spot. Customers range from office workers to day-laborers and professionals. Very much like Spain, food is ordered in small bites for everyone to share, thus building the sense of community. All dishes are priced inexpensively for all to enjoy.


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Today’s Soup
Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup
Global Adventure
Sweet and Sour Pork Stir Fry over Jasmine Rice and Asian Vegetable Stir Fry
Black Forrest Ham, Pepperoni, and Pepper Jack Cheese Panini with House Made Potato Chips
Kitchen Table
Free Range Chicken or Eggplant and Vegetable Adobo over Gilroy Garlic Rice and Sautéed Baby Squash Medley
Market Grill
San Francisco Bay Shrimp Roll with Sweet Potato Fries
Plant Inspired
Beyond Burger Street Taco with Fresh Pico De Gallo served with Pinto Beans and Organic Spanish Brown Rice

General Manager

Travis Sanchez

Executive Chef

Harry Yee

Catering Manager

Felicia Martinez

Meet Your Guest Chef Team!

Visiting Guest Chefs, left to right: Ryan Satchwell, Marcus Triggs, Reynaldo Hernandez SVP, Phil Wright VP Corporate Chef, Sarrah Ponce De Leon, Guillermo Ortega


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